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Dedicated to excellence, I strive to deliver top-notch editing services tailored to each manuscript I work on. Take a glimpse into my portfolio and sample edits from my previous works.


a case study from the editor's desk

The client: Health coach Brittany Bryant has an outline and a rough transcription containing the content of her health-centered personal development book. She asked for my expertise to transform and organize her content into a manuscript with a sensible and cohesive structure. Additionally, she needed her manuscript to sound conversational and fitting to her target clients.

The editorial support: The client's modernized speech-to-text written draft needed one phase more than the usual editing process – and that's transcription cleanup.

Once the transcriptions were cleaned and organized, I pointed out which ideas needed further explanation and supporting content. After the client redrafted her manuscript, I finally started substantive editing.

I advised her on the structure of her chapters based on their topics, gave suggestions on pacing and titles, pointed out lacking arguments and content, and flagged issues regarding style. All these were reflected in the file's markup area and the Editorial Letter I have provided.

I also provided line and copyediting services after.

Hi Carmela! Your feedback was so helpful! Thank you so so much for your patience and flexibility with me. Reviewing your suggestions, I am so glad I have you to look over this stuff! ... I'm happy I was able to get your help there! Love the touches and details you found

- Brittany Bryant


a case study from the editor's desk

The client: Unfamiliar with the editing and publishing process, first-time author Ann-Marie was looking for copy editing services, but her spiritual manuscript required line edits as well.

The editorial support: After guiding and explaining to the client the editing process and the scope of work for her manuscript, she agreed to a pass of line editing.

I edited each chapter's structure – line by line, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. I checked and fixed the story's organization for a logical flow, and improved reader impact and the manuscript's overall tone and voice.

I provided copyediting services thereafter.

Carmela! Things got quite busy after my book launch but I am doing fine. The launch went well and I made the bestseller list in 3 categories. I am so appreciative of all your help. I couldn’t achieve the results without your generous and thorough help. ... I am getting back into action around my book tour now. I’ll stay in touch and I can’t wait to work with you again!

- Ann-Marie Emmanuel


a case study from the editor's desk

The client: As a communication professor, Ellie's writing was clear, organized, and easily understandable. She reached out to me to perform copy edits on her guidebook.

The editorial support: After assessing her manuscript, I found that it needed copy editing and light line editing.

I worked on the manuscript by fixing any errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, factual statements, and basic formatting in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. I also made suggestions for changing passive sentences and convoluted or long-winding sentences, and improving paragraph flow. I also provided a Style Sheet, detailing editorial decisions and style preferences.

Wow, you continue to impress me with your extraordinary skill, professionalism and organization. You are a true gem, Carmela, and I am beyond appreciative of you! I feel so confident having you in my editing corner and I love and appreciate your attention to detail. I can't tell you how much better I feel, more confident about my manuscript and book sections! I hope you know you have far exceeded my expectations and have made this whole process rewarding for me. I was pulling my hair out before thinking I could do this myself. It would have taken me months and extra stress. You are a Godsend!

- Ellie Parvin